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CREW Asia is the leading flight crew leasing agency for ANA (All Nippon Airways) and its subsidiary airlines.  Aside from professional Airline Transport Pilots, CREW Asia provides airlines with Cabin Attendants.  CREW Asia will be in Bangkok, Thailand recruiting Cabin Attendants.  Thai Citizens are encouraged to apply online.




Application Document Tips


In preparation of ANA's Cabin Attendant recruitment, we would like to advise applicants to begin to preparing the following documents:

1.  CV - Please create a CV and convert this into a .pdf file format (max. file size 2MB).  Other formats will not be accepted.  Also please be sure to include a headshot photo in the upper right hand corner of your CV.  (Example)

2.  Passport - Please prepare this in either a .pdf file format. (file size must not exceed 2MB)  

3.  TOEIC Score - Please prepare your TOEIC Score test results in a .pdf file format (the file size must not exceed 2MB) 




Final Interview Results



Thank you for attending ANA/CREW Asia's final interview.  Results of your final interview has been released via e-mail.  Please check your email for an announcement.  Our database will also be updated soon.  

Thank You, 


Final Interview Announcement



Thank you for attending ANA's pre-screening.  An announcement will be made for those selected to proceed to the final interview.  Announcements will be delivered via e-mail on 29-SEPT (BKK Local).  Please check your e-mail inbox for the invitation.    

Thank You, 


ANA Cabin Attendant Selection



Those selected to attend ANA Cabin Attendant screening has been announced and the RSVP window has been closed.  We have reached full capacity and will not have a second announcement.  We appreciate your interest in ANA/CReW Asia.  

Thank You. 

ANA Cabin Attendant Application Window is now CLOSED


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All Applicants, 

The application window for All Nippon Airways Cabin Attendant recruitment is now closed.  

Those applicants selected to attend pre-screening will be notified by e-mail on 12-SEPT (BKK Local Time). 

You may check the status of your application by clicking on the button below, however please use caution when doing so.  You must not make any changes or updates, by doing so you may disqualify yourself from the position and you will not be able to re-apply.  



Those applicants that have already applied are advised NOT to change, remove, replace, add, nor delete information or attachments in your account as it may disqualify you from the position.  You will not be able to make changes past the closing date.


Thank you for your interest in All Nippon Airway & Crew Asia. 

Thank You,

CREW Asia, Ltd. 




Q:  How can I edit my application data?

A:  You can edit a limited section of your application (basic information, attachments, etc.) when you login to your application.


Q:  Can I re-apply?

A:  Yes.  To re-apply, you have to login to your application, then "Remove" your application.  Then you can "Apply for this position" again.  Do not register with another e-mail address.  It will cause a duplicate application and may not be processed.  


Q:  I cannot choose the correct date in the application calendar.

A:  Our system has the US time based calendar.  Do not need to select the correct date, please use the system default date.  

Q:  How do I know if my application has been submitted? 

A:  You will receive an automated e-mail just like the sample below.  Please check the same e-mail address you used to register.  If it's not in your inbox, check your junk folder. 

Accepting Applications for Cabin Crew


CREW Asia is pleased to announce the recruitment of Cabin Crew for
All Nippon Airways. 


Applications will be accepted starting on 18-AUGUST-2017 (00:00 ICT).  Please check back after the application window has been opened.   

Closing Deadline: 02-SEPT-2017 (00:00 ICT)

No applications will be accepted after the closing deadline.